Tailor Made Solutions

VY Track LLC as an expert in vehicle fleet control area offers its clients the consulting service with the goal of cost optimization of vehicle fleet and raising the efficacy of business-related vehicle use.

With each new customer we create distinct approach and administer a range of activities so that we could adjust „tailor-made“ suggestions to customer’s objective needs. Our solutions are saving company’s resources, enabling long-term planning and cost fixation, complete oversight of vehicular use and other advantages over the conventional fleet administration models.

For our clients we create complete tailored solutions with which we ensure:


  • The analysis of client’s needs
  • Deep cost analysis of existing vehicle fleet
  • Financing of vehicle acquisition
  • Top-shelf insurance policy
  • Preparation of vehicle shipment with equipment and organization included
  • Coordination of all vehicle-related activities
  • Customer support and informative call center
  • Road assistance 24/7/365 on free personal telecommunication number
  • GPS tracking and telemetry and individual problem solution in compliance with client’s needs
  • Replacement car services
  • Management of compensation requests and vehicle repair services
  • Management of repair costs without the involvement of clients
  • Organizing the return of vehicles after contract expiration

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